tulakalum 75% Belize Pure Origin

Tulakalum means “together” in the Mayan language, and never has a Pure Origin worn its name so well!

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tulakalum valrhona

Belize is a small Central American country nestled between Yucatan in Mexico, Guatemala and the Honduras, with a Caribbean Sea coastline. A part of the ancient Mayan civilization and the only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize is not very well known. And yet it boasts the world’s second largest coral reef, a fantastic ocean floor, impenetrable jungles, enchanting caves filled with natural sculptures and remarkable historical remains.
Diversity is Belize’s watchword. To start, thanks to a mixed population, blending Creoles, Mayan descendants, the Garifuna, African-Americans from the Caribbean, Chinese, Europeans, Indians… But the country has also carefully preserved its exceptional biodiversity since 1996. Protected zones account for 36% of the country’s natural territory (including 130 national parks).

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sustainable partnership

Signed for 10 years, the partnership with Maya Mountain Cacao is part of Valrhona’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, “Live Long”. In Belize as elsewhere around the world, the company is committed to the sustainable development of producer communities and to preserving local aromatic cocoa heritage.
In the Yamwits Valley, Valrhona has put into place concrete actions to rehabilitate and develop the plantation: rebuilding production infrastructures that have been damaged by hurricanes, pruning abandoned cacao trees, replanting new trees, renovating employee housing… Everything is done to produce high quality cocoa in the best conditions for producers. Beyond cocoa, the plantation also includes a wide variety of plants in agroforestry, and employs 30 to 48 people full time depending on the season. It is a well-respected local tradition that women work, making it possible for them to pay for their children’s schooling. A large number of them work in the plantation, earning their independence.


tulakalum 75%

Strength of character and gentleness… Tulakalum 75% reflects a whole country’s identity, just like all of Valrhona’s Pure Origin chocolates. Born out of a close partnership between producers, Pure Origin chocolates are made using cocoa selected for its extraordinary aromatic potential, and they develop a palette of flavours that is as varied as it is surprising. Tulakalum completes Valrhona’s collection of chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa.

The power and spices in Tulakalum’s sensory profile really set it apart, while also keeping the fruit and acidity notes that are characteristic of Belize. Whether being used pure or for pastry or chocolate creations, the persistent flavours are truly impressive .

Justine Branchu & Thomas Bauzou - Sensory Analysis Manager & Technician

a surprising and intense chocolate

Together… The Mayan meaning of Tulakalum 75% speaks volumes, since it has been made according to professionals’ expectations, who are very much in demand of a slightly sweet chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. Pastry professionals will be the true ambassadors: through their recipes and creations, they will know how to reveal to consumers the story and rare taste behind this singular chocolate.

An inspiring sensory profile.
A new taste in Valrhona’s aromatic palette, Tulakalum 75% exalts the magic in a specific location, the center of Belize. Initially, the powerful acidity mingles with gentle spices. Slightly sweet, quite bitter, it has beautiful notes of ripe fruit.

A texture adapted to various uses.
Tulakalum 75% has no soya lecithin, thanks to its high percentage of cocoa, and does have a high level of fat, which makes a wide variety of textures possible, to adapt to all pastry and chocolate uses, including coating.

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