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Becoming carbon neutral by 2025

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From production to distribution and logistics, every part of our value chain has environmental consequences which we, as a business, are committed to minimizing. 


The first step in any serious impact reduction effort is to complete a carbon footprint report. We conducted ours in 2013 so that we could get an idea of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and fine-tune our initiatives.  We started by implementing a policy to cut down on any impacts directly generated by our production sites and our product-making processes (Scope 1 and 2). This was why, since 2005, we have voluntarily implemented an ISO 14001 certification strategy that guarantees our environmental management system is of the highest quality. This is also the case for the ISO 50001 energy management certification we secured in 2015. As part of both certification processes, we reinforced our environmental policy and set out some overarching ambitions for the protection we wanted our business to offer the environment.


As well as ensuring our site met the latest environmental regulations, the policy included specific actions around, for example, employee transportation, waste management, water and energy savings, and eco-designing Valrhona products.


Running alongside these Scope 1 and 2 strategies are our Scope 3 programs.  Their role is to combat the deforestation generated by our industry’s growth, and to promote agricultural practices –  agroforestry in particular – that offer greater sustainability. Both are major issues that are incumbent on us, as a responsible business, to address.

Our progress and 2025 objectives

reduction in overall energy consumption since 2013
-50% by 2025
of the energy used is renewable
79% by 2025
reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions since 2013
-60% vs 2013
reduction in overall waste production since 2013
-50% by 2025
of waste recovered since 2013
100% by 2025
reduction in water consumption since 2013
50% by 2025
of new products meet our eco-design criteria
100% by 2025
package recyclability rate
85% by 2025

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