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Live Long Cocoa

Creating a fairer cocoa sector together

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Our products’ main ingredient – cocoa – is facing a growing number of social and environmental issues for which it is our duty to respond if we want our cocoa-producer partners’ businesses to develop and flourish over the long run.


Producers’ living conditions, deforestation and climate change are some of the threats we are confronted with. Cocoa’s value chain is complex, not least because cocoa is produced in the Global South but consumed in the Global North. Good supply management and traceability represent challenges of their own.


With Live Long Cocoa, Valrhona is taking a comprehensive approach to tackling these issues.  We are promoting producer organizations’ development and we are helping to improve communities’ living conditions. We are promoting good agricultural practices and agroforestry so that producers’ businesses can last long into the future and soils are better protected.  We are encouraging measures to protect local cocoa varieties so that the various flavors they provide are preserved. Finally, we are doing everything in our power to combat deforestation and to protect forests and all the biodiversity they contain


Producers’ and their families’ living and working conditions are of key concern to us.


The commitments we have made through our Live Long Cocoa program have resulted in long-term partnerships with our producer organizations.

Our progress and objectives

traceability for cacao beans from the producer
traceability for cacao beans from the farm parcel
100% by 2021
of the producer countries visited at least once per calendar year
100% by 2021
out of our 16 source countries are part of a long-term partnership
of our cacao purchased through a long-term partnership
90% by 2021
6.7 years
average length of a partnership

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