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Cuvées du Sourceur: Outstanding aromatic profiles

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Whether you are a restaurateur, a chocolatier, a baker or a pastry chef, Valrhona’s Cuvées du Sourceur will irresistibly ignite your creativity. They provide you with a real palette of flavors to help you show off your talent and ambitions, and create tasting experiences never imagined before in the sensory world of chocolate.
Our Cuvées du Sourceur are a way to unveil a new terroir and a new identity, with a very particular history. Our outstanding cocoas have been sought out for their rare aromatic potential by our globe-crossing sourcing team.
Sakanti Bali 68% is rounded and lightly acidic, and it reveals gorgeous chocolatey notes with hints of toasted nuts. Kilti Haïti 66% reveals a gentle tanginess set off by hints of fruit which are followed up by intense chocolatey notes, before a subtle bitterness completes the experience.

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Frederic Bau

Cuvées open up a whole new world of chocolate. These two new chocolates have quite astounding aromatic profiles. They’re very expressive and far more than just dark chocolates, as there’s nothing else like them out there.

We wanted to create a product that adulterates nature’s bounty as little as possible so that its original identity remains intact. The rare moments we have formulated for you are our way of inviting you to create. We hope to inspire and support you, so that you can offer your gourmet customers new ways of consuming chocolate and the same rare moments.

Frédéric BauPastry chef and creative director at Valrhona

Les suggestions des cuvées

Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

Spread the tempered Cuvée du Sourceur as thinly as you can on a sheet of baking paper using a plastic rolling pin. Cut out squares of about 15 x 15cm to suit your plans. Leave them to crystallize, then remove the squares and place them on some scrunched up paper. Melt gently using a sugar lamp. Leave to crystallize before very gently removing this veil of chocolate. Underneath, there is a crème anglaise chocolate and Sakanti Bali Cuvée cream mix*, pineapple braised in rum and black pepper, and almond streusel pieces*.

*All recipes are available in Valrhona’s Essentials.
Coffee & Chocolate Shoots

Coffee & Chocolate Shoots

Temper the Cuvée du Sourceur couverture. Pipe some threads of chocolate of different sizes and widths onto Valrhona Signature textured sheets or baking paper so that they look like reeds. Before it sets, sprinkle the ends with fine-ground cocoa nibs. Leave to harden. Stick the chocolate reeds onto an almond shortcrust biscuit* using a cone of tempered couverture.

Precious Chocolates

Precious Chocolates

Kilti Haïti Cuvée ganache with black garlic. Extraordinarily delicate – One you absolutely cannot miss. 55g of black garlic blended with 1kg of ganache. Sakanti Bali Cuvée ganache, pure, melt-in-the-mouth and decked in gold from the Valrhona Signature OR range. Kilti Haïti Cuvée ganache on a pistachio praline 42% base. Sakanti Bali Cuvée ganache, flavored with a very slight infusion of Nepalese Timut pepper. Its delicate lemon flavor and grapefruit zest elevate this Cuvée. Kilti Haïti Cuvée ganache, with moderately finely ground cocoa nib nougatine pieces. Sakanti Bali Cuvée ganache, flavored with 5% Mauritian amber rum.

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