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CREATE YOUR CUSTOM DECORATIONS WITH VALRHONA SIGNATURE - Vous Accompagner - Créations sur Mesure - Illustration Valrhona Signature

I was very touched by the way the team took time to understand what I wanted. Thanks to Valrhona Signature, for the first time I had the pleasure of seeing my dreams turn into actual marvels.

Johannes Bonin Executive Pastry Chef at Burj al Arab

Achieve rare and unique top quality decorations made from 100% pure cocoa butter, with non-azo colors and unrivaled taste thanks to our chocolate range: Guanaja 70% dark, Jivara 40% milk chocolate and Opalys 33% white chocolate are used throughout the range.
Valrhona Signature gives you one-on-one help and recommendations on developing a line of your own decorations and molds so you can put the perfect finishing touches on all your creations from the classic to the highly original. Customization in its purest form.

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Your custom collection with the ExclusiV offer

When it comes to customizing, the sky's the limit. Whether for the test kitchen or your shop, Valrhona will help you determine what you need and recommend the best product. Our engineers work closely with you to develop a custom solution, from concept to final product. - Vous Accompagner - Créations sur Mesure - Illustration Offre Exclusiv - Couverture Perso

During an initial meeting, we take time to understand all of your needs. The unique character of each request strongly influences the Valrhona development process. Each personalized Valrhona couverture chocolate is designed as a unique product, from the raw material to the creation of your product.

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For me, Valrhona's expertise is the guarantee of exceptional chocolates. Thanks to their mastery of transformation process from cocoa bean to chocolate, we can work together to develop chocolates that are unique to Pierre Hermé Paris, which carry my desired aromatic profiles.

Pierre Hermé Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, Pierre Hermé Paris - Créations Sur Mesure - cacao-2 - Créations Sur Mesure - fruits-secs-2

Create your praline

Create pralines that reflect your tastes and image by selecting your desired type of dried fruits, their bake and texture.

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Design sweet treats in your image

Create chocolate bonbons in your image by selecting their recipe, decorations and shape.

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Create a range bearing your name

To provide unique creations, Valrhona accompanies you and recommends packaging that will showcase your product and brand. Packaging designed for targeted moments of consumption.

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Atelier création molds

The Atelier Création offers an "à la carte" design service that allows for the creation and development of personalized molds: bonbon molds, chocolate bar molds, entremet molds, Yule log molds, etc.
By using new technologies such as 3D and computer graphics, you can create molds featuring your logo and name, thus yielding truly unique products. Unique shapes, curves developed for easy removal from molds, lasting customization. Everything is created by our engineers to enhance your creations.

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