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Over the next ten years want to cut our energy use by 50%, including halving our use of fossil fuels. To reach our 2025 goal, we’ve been working on improving our energy efficiency this year by centralizing our cooling processes. Over the next five years we anticipate a 75% improvement in our energy use compared to today.

We talked to Mathieu Boselli, in charge of building maintenance, utilities and energy at Valrhona, about our plans for energy management and this year’s developments.

“The first thing we did was to structure our approach and identify our areas of energy consumption. We already had the ISO 14001 rating, but it didn’t go far enough for us in terms of energy. We decided to work towards ISO 50001 to better structure our action plans.

This year we’ve centralized our cooling processes so that all heat that we extract to cool things down can be reused where we need heat. Chocolate making is one of the processes that is hardest to optimize in terms of heat use, as we’re constantly having to alternate between hot and cold. As such, a chocolaterie is a truly magnificent playground for improving energy efficiency.

Instead of continuing to produce cold in smaller production areas across our site, we have decided to create a large central cold air distribution pipe so that our production is more efficient and economical.

We’re currently finishing the first stage of the project. The second stage will be carried out in 2018 and will connect right up to our raw materials storage area.

There are two things that got me interested me in energy management. The first is that it’s an area in where there are really big technical challenges – it’s very interesting from a technical perspective. The second is personal interest, namely my personal convictions around CSR and the environment. It’s something that’s deep rooted in me.”

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