Let’s imagine the best of chocolate

By partnering with a wide range of chocolate lovers and chocolate professionals, we can continue to bring out the best in our material, expressing and developing its infinite multitude of flavors. Valrhona. Let’s imagine the best of chocolate.

Imagining the best in cocoa selection and cultivation

Preserving the diversity of cocoa varieties to preserve a variety of flavors.

Our sourcers scour the Tropics, from South America to Oceania, to cultivate cocoa alongside our partner planters. We currently work in over 30 terroirs in 18 countries.
This collaboration enables us to constantly enrich our understanding of cocoa and so improve the way it is grown, fermented and dried. Our relationship with planters goes beyond that of a buyer and seller. Instead, it is characterized by a shared desire to plan for the future together. This is why we place such importance in our long-term partnerships, as it is these partnerships that allow us to have a sustainable, positive, long-term impact on producer communities. Since the early 1990s, we’ve gone a step further, first by founding our own plantation in Venezuela in 1992, later followed by a plantation in the Dominican Republic in 2013 and most recently by becoming 40% shareholder in the Millot plantation in Madagascar.

Imagining the best in chocolate production and by enlarging the aromatic palette

Guaranteeing excellence and consistent flavors

More than 200 sampling experts, split into four in-house tasting panels, ensure that we uphold the highest standards of technical skill and flavor. Since the very beginning, we have developed a unique mastery of our material, with one ambition in mind: to put flavor at the center of all our innovations.

We source and blend the best cocoas to create unique product ranges and innovations that support our customers’ creativity. We also offer our customers a complete range of customizable products, from couverture chocolates to classic squares, so that they can develop their brand and stand out from the crowd.

  • 1986 : We created Guanaja 70%, the world's most bitter chocolate
  • 1990 : We launched Manjari, a single origin from Madagascar and our first ever Grand Cru de Terroir
  • 2008 : We designed P125 Cœur de Guanaja to add an extra cocoa-rich intensity to pastry creations
  • 2012 : We created Blond Dulcey, the fourth color of chocolate
  • 2015 : We launched Double Fermentation and created Itakuja and Mananka with our planter partners

Imagining the best  in the transmission of flavor and expertise

Providing access to the very best of our expertise to help the chocolate world develop

Every year, our four Écoles Valrhona and our 30 pastry chefs support over 15,000 professionals across the world. This support is reflected on a daily basis in our individual and group technical consultancy, as well as in our overarching approach that aims to constantly encourage professionals’ creativity. The Cité du Chocolat, with its sensorial and educational remit, allows us to provide a place where all amateur chocolate lovers can discover, learn and experience something new. For over 20 years, we have supported our customers as they develop their expertise and curiosity, be they professionals or gourmets. This longstanding transmission and exchange continues to enrich our shared expertise.

  • 1989 : We founded l’École Valrhona in Tain l’Hermitage
  • 1989 : We co-founded The Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
  • 1995 : We created The Essentials, a unique resource with 1100 basic recipes available in six languages
  • 2013 : We opened the Cité du Chocolat, a place dedicated to flavor, craftsmanship and ingredients, that is open to all.
  • 2015 : We opened l’École Valrhona in Brooklyn

At each stage of our value chain, we work with our suppliers, staff and clients to seek out the very best. As your expert partner, our ambition is to help develop the world of chocolate and all who work within it. Let’s imagine the best of chocolate together.

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