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Live Long is the name we have chosen to illustrate our Corporate Social Responsability plan. It is also the story of an encounter, a message to Valrhona from a community of planter partners during a visit from our sourcer Cédric Robin. The four pillars of our Live Long program symbolize our commitments as well as our sustainable and responsible approach, with regards to people (our suppliers, employees and customers) and the planet.


Frequent trips to plantations have allowed us to build close relationships with our partners. Live Long Cocoa was born out of this proximity.

Cédric Robin Sourcing Valrhona
Our cocoa strategy is based on four pillars: - Quality: assisting producers, improving traceability, - Innovation: sourcing new terroirs and collaborating with our partners, - Sustainability: developing long-term partnerships with the producers, - Ethics: improving living conditions in producer communities (education, health care, etc.). We are also a member of the Cacao Forest project, a partnership between chocolatiers, research centers and universities that aims to build the cocoa farming model of the future by using the principles of agroforestry.


Analyzing our products’ life cycles has helped us identify where our impact is the most significant and implement action plans to reduce our environmental footprint.

Elisande Bourry Safety and Environment Manager
Our goal is to decrease our environmental impact by 50% by 2025 (compared to 2013) and eco-design all of our new products by 2020. We carried out an analysis that has helped us identify our impact and implement action plans to reduce it. In addition, we are involving our employees in this plan through our Live Long ambassador program, as well as through our annual in-house sustainability challenge, Valrhon’Act.


Our professional integration project aims to train people in need to get gastronomy-based positions and give meanings to their projects.

Véronique Zehnacker Leader of Gastronomy Professional Integration project
Gastronomy is an essential part of Valrhona's identity. This is why we are committed to promoting gastronomy-based professions and assisting new generations, as well as fully assuming our societal responsibilities. We accomplish this through three main avenues: - promoting awareness through the Fondation Valrhona and La Cité du Chocolat - providing training through the four L'Écoles Valrhona - encouraging people in need to enter the workforce through our gastronomy professional integration project.


Alone, we can only make small-scale changes, but when we work with our employees, customers, suppliers and all our partners, we can define a project with enthusiasm and the desire to act together at its heart.

Jean-Luc Grisot Valrhona CEO
We know that we have to work together to build a sustainable business. We know we need to involve our employees, suppliers, customers and local communities in our projects to make Valrhona a great place to work, and a great company to work with. That is exactly why we implement regular dialogs, employees events, partnerships with customers and our local communities.
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