Tulakalum chocolate bavaroise on a soft almond cake, caramelia namelaka, cognac caramel and salt roasted almonds




Tulakalum mousse
  90 g Eggyolk
  45 g Sugar
225 g Milk
225 g Heavy cream
700 g TULAKALUM 75 %
850 g Heavy cream
Bring cream and milk to boil.
Mix eggyolks and sugar together.
Pour it into the warm cream, and heat it to 84 degrees.
Pour through a chinoise on top of the chocolate.
Mix it well and let cool down.
Whip the cream softly.
When the chocolate mixture reaches 30 degrees, incorporate the whipped cream.
Pour into desired molds and freeze until set.

Orange flavoured almondcake
400 g Almond paste
200 g Butter
240 g Egg
      2 Oranges (zest)
Use a mixer with a paddle attachment to add soft butter into the almond paste.
Add the eggs, a little at the time, mixing well.
Add the oranges zest at the end.
Line a half sheet pan and pour the mixture into the lined pad.
Bake it for 15 minutes (160 degrees).
Allow to cool and then cut in 8x8 cm squares.

Caramel Namelaka
200 g Eggyolk
160 g Heavy cream
185 g Sugar
300 g Butter
  35 g Gelatinmass
100 g TULAKALUM 75 %
  40 g CARAMÉLIA 36%
Bring cream to a boil.
Mix sugar and eggyolks.
Pour the mixture into the warm cream. Heat to 84 degrees.
Pour the cream through a chinoise on top of the chocolate and emulsify with a hand blender.
Blend in the butter and gelatin.
Let it cool in fridge.

Orange curd
  55 g Orange puré
  70 g Blodorange p.
  40 g Sugar
    3 g Pectin NH
  10 g Gelatinmass
In a medium size pot, melt the orange purees until 35 degrees.
Then add the sugar and pectin. Bring to a boil.
Pour the mixture through a chinoise.
Add the gelatin.
Let it cool in fridge.

Cognacs caramel
  50 g Butter
125 g Heavy cream
    0,5 Vanilla pod
155 g Sugar
105 g Glucose
  50 g Cognac
Bring butter, cream and vanilla to boil. Set aside for now.
In a medium size pot bring sugar, glucose to 140 degrees.
Softly add the hot cream onto the caramel.
Mix it well and boil to 117 degrees.
At the end, add the cognac, mix it well.
Put it in fridge to cool down.
Fill the caramel into round chocolate shells.
Roll it in caster sugar.

Salt roasted almonds
100 g Almonds
  40 g Water
  10 g Salt
Bring water and salt to a boil.
Soak the almonds in the salt water.
Pour away the left over water.
Roast the almonds in the oven at 180 degrees for 7 minutes, until golden.
Chop the almonds coarsely.

Italian meringue
125 g Egg white
  45 g Water
210 g Sugar
Whisk the egg whites in a stand mixer until soft peaks form.
Bring sugar and water to 121 degrees and the gradually add it into the meringue and let it whisk until shiney.

Nappage chocolat
115 g Gelatinmass
125 g Water
225 g Sugar
225 g Glucose
225 g TULAKALUM 75 %
160 g Condensed milk
In a medium size pot, bring sugar and glucose to a boil.
When hot-stir in the gelatin.
Pour the hot mixture onto the chocolate and emulsify.
Stir in the condensed milk and Absolu cristal, using a hand blender.
Add some silver food colouring for some extra shine.
Glaze at 35 degrees.

Assembly and Finishing
Cut a rectangular 8 x 8 cm from the almond cake.
Glaze 2 quenelles and place on top of the cake.
Pipe orange curd between the quenelles, on top of the cake.
Pipe the namelaka, and soft peaks of the meringue on the cake and around it on the plate.
Put on one of the cognac/ caramel filled ball.
Finish it of with the roasted almonds and some fine chopped Tulakalum chocolate.

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