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Improving Education in Ghana

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In 2017, our sourcer Cédric Robin launched an initiative to improve access to education in Ghana, alongside our partner FEDCO. Seeing that there was a pressing need to support education in the region Cédric worked with FEDCO and local education representatives to develop a long-term solution. The result: a far-reaching project to reach eight communities over the next five years, including over 800 producers and 3988 children.
We are extremely proud to announce that our "Improving Education in Ghana" project raised $50k on April 5th, 2019 during the DFNI - Frontier Charity Ball in London!


Our investments are going towards addressing the needs identified by the communities involved, including refurbishing school buildings and providing educational supplies. We’re already off to a good start: in 2017 we’ve built two new schools with FEDCO in the villages of Wassa Nkran and Pieso early 2018.
This year, we started building a Junior High School in Atwereboanda that will welcome 181 students in 6 different classrooms. The inauguration is planned for July 2019!

In 2020, we will build another Junior High School in Pieso and in 2021 we will focus on renovating other existing schools.

Our commitment to improving access to education in Ghana is part of our focus on creating long-term partnerships with cocoa producers. Through our relationship with FEDCO, which dates back to 2013, we work to invest our partnership premium into improving infrastructure and access to priority needs, such as education, thus helping cocoa producing communities to thrive.


5 year education initiative reaching 6 communities

800 producers

3988 children

2 new schools in 2018

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