Live Long


When the NGO AVSF approached our sourcer Julien Desmedt in 2017 with an offer to join their Procacao project and work with our Haitian partner FECCANO to regenerate farmers’ ageing plantations using agroforestry, Julien was keen to get involved.

AVSF’s innovative multifaceted initiative, based on their extensive diagnostic work and strategic planning, aims to empower the collective, enable them to become more professional and thus ensure their long-term security.

As part of the project team, Valrhona is focusing its support over the next three years on funding the creation of 38 out of a total 50 pilot hectares.  Today, the producers and the plots that will be involved have been identified. Work will begin shortly to prune and replant trees. Our hope is that the agroforestry models developed will improve and diversify farmers’ revenues while protecting the environment, eventually serving as templates for other FECCANO members and for producers across the country.


Our relationship with FECCANO, which dates from 2010, has become even closer in recent years thanks to the signing of a five-year partnership agreement in 2014. Our support for this agroforestry project is part of our commitment to our long-term partnership with our Haitian producers, enabling us to together address the key needs of local communities and ensure a thriving cocoa sector.

38 hectares of pilot hectares sponsored by Valrhona
3 year project


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