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With this interactive map, you can find local pastry chefs and artisans in your area who sell their pastries, chocolates, bread, and other sweets through safe, socially distanced methods. Food and pastry are at the heart of our cultural heritage, and we’re proud to support these passionate, hard-working chefs, as they continue working hard to provide us with food during these uncertain times.

The current health crisis has caused an unprecedented shock in the food industry.
To support the hard-working chefs and artisans in a concrete and instantaneous way, Valrhona has mobilized to create this continuously updated map.
Through this map, you can find nearby shops, restaurants, or artisans based on location, pastry offerings, and ordering methods along with all the other information you need to easily order bread, pastries, chocolates and meals of the highest quality.
We’ve called this interactive map A-mAp, with an A standing for both “Artisans” (the French word for craftmen”) and Action! The bakers, pastry chefs, and chocolate makers included in this map have implemented initiatives to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers while limiting contact, such as long-distance shipping delivery, click & collect, phone orders or third-party deliveries. We’re inspired by their commitment and flexibility, and we are proud to feature them on this map.
Perfect for pastry connoisseurs: You have easy access to great, high quality products near you and can help support the initiatives that your local businesses have taken to continue providing their communities with delicious baked goods.
Perfect for pastry chefs and artisans: You can update your information in real time and increase your visibility with a wider audience in order to maximize the sustainability of your business.
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The more the map is shared, the more the support we will be able to give our amazing local chefs and artisans!
Standing together today, we will be even stronger tomorrow.
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