Live Long


For Dominican cocoa farmer Apolinal Sanchez Rosas, “Taking part in the Cacao Forest workshops has kept me motivated...We benefit from the cocoa and the products that grow alongside it.”

Apolinal is one of 30 Dominican farmers involved alongside Valrhona in Cacao Forest, an innovative cross-sector project to create the sustainable cocoa of the future. We aim to develop agroforestry models that will improve the resilience of rural communities, diversify producers’ revenues, increase farm productivity and protect the environment. Read more about the project at

In 2017, our team created potential cultivation models via a series of workshops with farmers and technicians in the Dominican Republic. Together we drew on scientific research and local knowledge to choose which combinations of trees and plants would have the desired results for the farmers and their environment. We also worked with farmers find markets for their other crops, such as vegetables. Today, Apolinal and his fellow farmers sell their products to organic markets in the Dominican capital.

In 2018, we begin planting the different cultivation models to start testing out which work best over the long-term.

32 workshops with 15 farmers and 12 technicians
32 producers sell their products to organic markets
Farmers have made €14,000 selling their products since the beginning of the year

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