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Bassa Passas is a board member of the Fondation Valrhona and a guide at the Cité du Chocolat. Inspired by her experience of teaching her children how to cook, Bassa put forward a project of her own to the Foundation. Project “Akadi,” which means “It’s good!” in Bambara, aims to help young people eat well by teaching them how to cook easy, nutritious dishes.

Fondation Valrhona volunteers kicked off activities over the summer with a series of workshops for young migrants at a local association.  Over the course of 6 sessions, 16 young people explored a different local fruit or vegetable, learning techniques, flavors and textures they could use to make easy, tasty meals. The aim is to not only teach them how to cook and to introduce them to ingredients they may not have come across before, but to also create a sense of community while doing so.

Akadi is one of the new projects supported by the Fondation in 2017. Through these projects, we work to spread the joy of flavor and eating well, and to have a positive impact on our local community. In 2018, we hope to work with other local partners to reach even more young people through Akadi.

6 workshops in 2017
16 young people

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