Photo Competition - Cercle V 2020 Calendar

Photo Competition Terms & Conditions

Cercle V 2020 Calendar

Article 1. Organization
The competition organizer, henceforth referred to as “the Organizer”, is Valrhona, the head office of which is at 26600 Tain l’Hermitage, France.
As part of its Cercle V program, Valrhona is organizing a free photo competition, eligibility for which is not dependent on making a Valrhona purchase.

Article 2. Taking Part
Contestants can only enter the Cercle V 2020 Calendar Competition by filling in an entry form, a link to which is provided by email. Entries are open from 09/02/2019 to 09/30/2019 exclusively to Valrhona customers who are Cercle V members.

Article 3. Conditions for Taking Part
Each company may provide only 1 entry and must supply its Valrhona Customer Code.
Participants must attach a high-resolution (min. 2480 x 3500) image of their creation, in JPEG format only.
The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any entries that do not meet the required criteria. The in-house judging panel’s pre-selection decisions are final.
By entering the competition, participants authorize the Organizer to publish the submitted images on social media and in printed copies of the calendar.
By entering the competition, participants confirm that they are the creators of the products depicted in their submitted images.

Article 4. Reminder: Competition Procedure
i.    Entry and submissions from 09/02/2019 to 09/30/2019.
ii.    Our in-house judging panel made up of chefs at L’École Valrhona will pre-select 30 photos.
iii.    Voting is open on the @ValrhonaFR Facebook page from 10/08/2019 to 10/18/2019.
iv.    The 12 winning images will be announced during the week after voting closes.

Article 5. Competition Objective
The competition’s objective is to publicly showcase participants’ creativity and inspiration by displaying their creations on our social networks and in our Cercle V 2020 Calendar. 
The 12 winners’ creations will be included in the Calendar, 50 copies of which will be sent to each of them.

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