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We aim to ecodesign all our new products by 2020

For Claudie Bochard, Packaging R&D manager, ecodesign presents a great opportunity to innovate while putting her environmental values into practice. Claudie worked with our BtoC Marketing team to redesign our ballotin gift boxes, resulting in the launch of our first ever ecodesigned range this year. Our new boxes use 40% less cardboard, which will save us 5.5T of cardboard a year, and are fully recyclable (apart from the ribbon). Find out more about the range on

Our ballotin gift boxes were the pilot project in our ecodesign adventure. Over the past year, we have trained all teams involved in our innovation processes at Valrhona in ecodesign and have implemented eco-friendly criteria and visual tools into the designing of our product recipes and packaging. These criteria include packaging weight, recyclability, and clean label recipes. With this all in place, we’re now turning our attention to two areas: integrating environmental criteria into our merchandising and services, and secondly applying ecodesign principles to existing products.

1stecodesigned range
5.5T cardboard saved a year
100% recyclable boxes

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