Multiportion Mold : Christmas novelty 2020

A customized mold for customized parties !


Moule Noel 2020

For all the festive moments of the year, offering desserts in limited series is a very good way to differentiate yourself and create animation in your shop!
The Pastry Chefs at the Valrhona school in Tain l'Hermitage and the Atelier 3D team worked on this project in order to offer you a very creative mold with multiple advantages!
Inspired by shapes that evoke Christmas: the tree, the snowflake, the star ... Have fun creating a dessert for one, two, six, eight, ten, ... people!

Be flexible and give free rein to your imagination by composing a duo, a line, a crown or a star…
Be more responsible, flexible, creative, festive...dive in behind the scenes of the creation in this video!


Are you interested in creating your own personalized mould?
Contact your sales representative and discuss with Dylan, Manon or Béranger to create the mold that suits you!
The entire Atelier 3D team is here to help you!

To complete this testimony of creation, discover the “step by step” montage of the “Étoile du Nord” recipe, a recipe that you will find in the 2020 Christmas booklet!


22,9 cm x 17, 3 cm
Code : 31963

Moule Noel 2020

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