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Constructing a sustainable model with our stakeholders

We believe that if we share our knowledge and skills, we’ll be able to construct the sustainable and responsible business of the future. Our goal is to give people meaning, autonomy and responsibility, and in doing so create an environment which improves well-being at work, helps develop people’s talent and allows everyone to become actors in Valrhona’s evolution.

We are keen to foster the connections between our different stakeholder groups, which is why we have embarked on co-constructing our vision for the Valrhona of 2025. This process follows on from the practices set in place by our Ecole de Leadership and mobilizes all of our stakeholders to together create the Valrhona of tomorrow.



  • Launch of Vision 2025 and completion of the first “core identity” step with staff
  • Expansion of our well-being at work program “Equilibre”
  • Launch of Innokation and The Best Pastry Chef, initiatives aimed at developing staff talent and creativity
  • Launch of our Live Long ambassador program
  • Initiatives with clients across the world to support local communities



We launched the first stage of Vision 2025 in January 2016. The focus of this first step has been on engaging all of our staff, in France and abroad, so that each can define their contribution to the Valrhona of today and together determine the mission and values of their team. Over the next year we will bring this work together to create a collective vision for 2025 along with action plans to ensure we achieve it.



The well-being of our staff is very important to us. This is why we launched “Equilibre” in 2015, our program aimed at improving staff members’ health and quality of life at work through offering access to a wide variety of healthcare services. This year we expanded our provision by adding the services of an osteopath and a dietician to those of a clinical psychologist and a social worker.

Over the past three years, we have worked on getting involved in sport. Initiatives include opening a sports room, employing a professional coach, hiring physiotherapists and supporting staff volunteers to lead Taekwondo and running courses.



Over the past year, we launched several initiatives designed to foster staff talent, including innovation sessions with our production staff and The Best Pastry Chef Competition. By bringing together colleagues from across Valrhona, these projects have allowed people to express their creativity, develop ideas and forge new bonds. Our commitment to fostering talent does not stop with staff. We are also keen to develop the talents of disadvantaged young people and so set them on the path to sustainable employment, from our Y’a Cabosser project in our chocolaterie in France, to supporting clients’ initiatives, such as Galvin’s Chance.



We believe that Valrhona’s long-term success depends on involving all of our stakeholders in building the sustainable company of the future. To achieve this we launched our Live Long Ambassador program and Vision 2025 in January 2016, two long-term initiatives aimed at engaging each and every person and turning them from a participant into an actor. We also continue to create regular moments of collaboration and exchange around sustainable practice. These range from our Valrhon’Act challenge, European Sustainable Development Week, Valrhona Day and our Suppliers Dialog Day, to charitable events in partnership with clients and local communities across the world.

“If we want to change the planet and to change the way people think, companies must be fully involved. We have a responsibility, the company has a responsibility, to act.”

Dominique Para, Live Long Ambassador



Over the past year, our staff across the world have worked with clients and partners to help people in need. They have led countless initiatives, such as:

  • Providing chocolate to create the largest lottery ticket in the world to raise money for the Fundación Nazaret in Spain
  • Donating chocolate after Easter to community organizations in Spain
  • Raising money to fight breast cancer in the Middle East
  • Donating pastry creations after demonstrations to the local community in Japan
  • Supporting Chocs for Chance to help young people into work in the UK
  • Launching the Clean Water Project in North America
  • The Grand Tournée du Chocolat Chaud (Canada) and the Hot Chocolate Festival (USA) to feed families in need in North America
  • Supporting the Big Chocolate Tea to raise money for the The Sick Children's Trust in the UK
  • Launching “Chocolate for Health” with clients to raise money for people in need in Bali
  • Participating in the Dîner des Chefs in support of the Restaurants du Cœur in France


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