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Promoting gastronomy-based professions and inspiring new generations

Gastronomy is part of Valrhona’s very DNA.  We are a partner to the gastronomy professions, inspiring creativity and fostering the chefs of today and of tomorrow. We believe that through our expertise and our unique position in the world of gastronomy, we can make a positive social impact.

We are committed to promoting gastronomy professions and inspiring new generations. To do this, we work along three major axes:

  • Raising awareness
  • Training
  • Promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged groups through gastronomy

For years, we have worked to promote the development of gastronomy and gastronomy professionals, to train, to create vocations and to help people achieve the very best of their potential. This ranges from the professional training offered by l’Ecole Valrhona and our support of leading culinary competitions including the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie and the Bocuse d’Or, to our partnerships with gastronomy outreach organizations such as the Fondation Paul Bocuse.

This year, we have built on these foundations with actions along our three major axes, from piloting our gastronomy inclusion project Project Insert, launching our Next Generation project, to continued awareness raising work through the Fondation Valrhona and la Cité du Chocolat.



  • The Fondation Valrhona turns 10!
  • Launch of a pilot for our gastronomy inclusion project, Project Insert
  • Opening of a new floor in the Cité du Chocolat dedicated to gastronomy professions
  • Launch of Next Generation, a project to accompany young people in training

In 2016, the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona opened a new floor dedicated to celebrating artisanal expertise and chocolate professions. With this new floor we hope to increase understanding of the profession and inspire the pastry chefs of the future.

The Fondation Valrhona mission is to raise awareness and understanding of flavor and to promote gastronomy professions and inspire vocations. The Fondation’s actions are targeted towards helping disadvantaged groups.

This year, the Fondation celebrated its tenth birthday! Since 2006, we have promoted gastronomy professions and flavor to disadvantaged groups in the local region through:

  • Inspiring disadvantaged young people in partnership with la Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse,
  • Raising awareness about the diversity of flavor through chocolate discovery workshops
  • Pastry demonstrations to promote gastronomy professions to disadvantaged young people
  • Supporting professional culinary training for young people with mental disabilities, in partnership with ADAPEI


This year we launched Next Generation, our project to promote gastronomy professions to young people in training. With Next Generation, we will help young people develop their technical and flavor expertise, sharing with them our core values and helping shape the artisans and restaurateurs of tomorrow.


Project Insert was created to address two key needs in France: that of our patissier and baker clients, half of whom have trouble recruiting new staff, and that of young people, 25% of whom are unemployed.  Insert’s aim is to respond to these two issues, using our expertise and position in the gastronomy world to help young disadvantaged people find their vocation in pastry, while also meeting our clients’ needs.

This year, we launched our pilot project with five trainees, in partnership with the Fondation Paul Bocuse, the Apprentice Training Center – the Drôme-Ardèche Multi-profession Training Center in Livron (CFA-CFMDA), and local organizations. This first experience has been a valuable one for all involved. We hope to continue our activities in spring 2017.

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