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Halving our environmental impact by 2025

We aim to halve our energy use between 2013 and 2025. To do this, we’ve implemented extensive plans to save energy over the next few years. This plan draws upon technical, organizational and behavioral actions to involve people at every level across the company.

We know that global warming is a major and present challenge facing us all, which is why we are committed to managing our carbon footprint. After conducting an analysis of our greenhouse gas emissions in 2012, we analyzed our energy consumption, put in place energy-related performance indicators, strengthened our monitoring processes around these indicators and trained our staff. To structure our approach, we based our plans on the internationally recognized ISO 50001 standards, achieving the certification in October 2015.

Our environmental targets for 2025

Climate change - Greenhouse gases:

  • Target: 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; 2015: 30% reduction
  • Target: 30% reduction in flights; 2016: 2% reduction


  • Target: 50% reduction in energy consumption;  2016: 18% reduction
  • Target: 50% of energy from renewable sources. 2016: 50% from renewable sources


  • Target: 50% reduction in water use;  2016: 37% reduction


  • Target: 50% reduction in waste production (measured in tons of products);2016 : 4% reduction
  • Target: 100% waste diverted from landfill (excluding toxic waste); 2016: 88% diverted

Reducing packaging:

  • Reduce the weight and impact of each new item of packaging: underway
  • All new packaging to be assessed against environmental criteria: underway



This year we have primarily concentrated on managing our energy consumption and waste processes, with the involvement of our staff and partners.

  • This year, our energy saving actions will enable us to make an energy saving of 7% as compared to 2015.

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Production sites:

  • New LED lights in our chocolaterie will reduce energy used on lighting by 70% as compared to today’s usage
  • We anticipate a 75% energy saving over the next five years thanks to our new centralized cold chain
  • Today we divert 88% of our waste from landfill 

L’Ecole Valrhona and la Cité du Chocolat are also getting involved:

  • Thanks to the replacement of their neon lights with LED lighting, l’Ecole will save the equivalent of the energy used by an average household per year.


“To be able to say that we are moving things forward, gives meaning, which is really interesting.”

Matthieu Iltgen, Cleaning Manager

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