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helping you push back the limits of creativity

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L’École Valrhona was created by Frédéric Bau as a way of sharing knowledge, passion and creativity, and this year it celebrates its 30th anniversary. This milestone is our opportunity to thank all the artisans who have come from around the world to take part in our journey, grow alongside us and help us develop. It’s also an opportunity to renew the commitments we have made to helping you push back the limits of creativity over the coming years.

Creative gatherings

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As a center of excellence for chocolate, L’École Valrhona has become a hub of creativity and innovation, and it’s here that the industry’s latest inspirations form and grow. It is dedicated to dialogue, sharing and passing on skills, and its 30 pastry chefs work tirelessly to support artisans as they strive to express their individuality. It is also dedicated to formulating expertise with chefs and R&D engineers, who combine their skills so that they can share their research findings with peers. This is the case, for example, for the Techno Tactile training course.
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We intend to keep experimenting with new techniques, designing new tools, and constantly reinventing our craft with you, but we will also keep creating a network of future gastronomy professionals on your behalf.
Together, let’s cultivate our talents and celebrate the passion that binds and drives us all: A passion for excellence. Let’s push back the limits of creativity.

We are right by your side, wherever you are.

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