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Bringing people together. Forging connections. 233 partner chefs and 153 employees have visited our cocoa producers since 2013. Each one has come away with a new perspective on their profession and now work in a completely different way.


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Visiting the Cocoa Plantations – A Human-Centric Experience

Since 2013, some 386 customers and colleagues have enjoyed the opportunity to meet Valrhona's cocoa producer-partners.  

These trips to Madagascar, Brazil, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Bali, Belize and Ghana allowed them to come together and share their expertise.

Entrepreneurs looking for meaning had a chance to explore and discover the hidden secrets of each chocolate.
These trips embody a true source of inspiration and mutual improvement.
An experience that changes their perceptions of cocoa and chocolate.

When he went to the plantations, pastry chef and chocolate artist Pierre Abi Haila realized that growing cocoa “takes a lot of hard work, a lot of passion, and a lot of love”.

When he traveled to the Madagascan plantations, Joël Boyer-Perreira found out that growing cocoa “isn’t just a job, it’s a real vocation!”

His visit to the plantation really redoubled Maxime Frédéric’s determination to do the right thing as part of his role as executive pastry chef at Le Cheval Blanc, Paris. He now wants to get to know the farmers he works with better and develop actions to support them.

Activity leader at the Cité du Chocolate Steven Grange sums up his experience this way:
"I knew I liked my job, but I hadn't realized just how much. I want to tell everyone about it because I was deeply touched by the experience."

Together,good becomes better.

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