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Sylvie Vienet is our Health and Wellbeing at Work manager. For Sylvie, creating a sustainable model with stakeholders means making sure our staff are happy and proud to work at Valrhona. This year, she managed the Great Place to Work survey at Valrhona.

We use these survey results to understand how our staff are feeling and what we can improve. We coupled these with a more focused survey measuring the impact of working conditions on physical and mental health to develop an action plan for the next three years. One such improvement was flexible working. We implemented telecommuting across the company last year and are now trialing flexible working hours for production staff.

In addition to this, we try to improve wellbeing at work by allocating each staff member a wellbeing budget for teams to use to improve their work environment.. We also support staff mental and physical health by training all managers about psycho-social risks, providing access to sports classes and ensuring staff have access to multidisciplinary healthcare, including a clinical psychologist and a social worker.

We’re proud that our staff voted us 10th place in the Great Place to Work rankings in 2017, placing us among the top 15 for the fifth year in a row.  In 2018, we will draw on the results of the 2017 survey to address specific needs of different teams.

10th in the 2017 Great Place To Work rankings
80 % of our staff say that Valrhona is a good place to work
81 % of our staff say they’re proud to work for Valrhona

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