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By 2025 we aim to halve our energy use, and to ensure that 79% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources

Mathieu Boselli is our Maintenance, Utilities and Energy manager. “There are two things that interest me about energy management,” says Mathieu. “The first is that it’s an area with really big technical challenges, so it’s very interesting from a technical perspective. The second are my deep rooted personal convictions around CSR and the environment.”

In 2017, Mathieu helped implement a new energy management system in our chocolaterie, including installing sensors and specialized software. With the help of our partner, Metron, we can now collect and analyze vast amounts of data, helping us better monitor our energy use and pinpoint areas for improvement.

This system is one of the ways we are working towards our 2025 environmental goals. Certified ISO 5001 for the past three years, we are building on these processes by using big data to make the way we manage energy use even more robust and targeted. We’re not only improving our how we use energy, but also where it comes from. This year, 100% of our electricity came from French hydroelectric power!

1 new energy management system installed across all of our production sites
100% of our electricity from renewable sour

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