Live Long


Alexandre Piron, Packaging Line operator, is one of our Vision ambassadors. For Alexandre, getting involved in creating our 2025 vision was an important way to contribute his ideas and participate in shaping the future of the company.

Alexandre was one of 150 ambassadors who took part in our Vision day last April. Drawing on feedback from client listening sessions, as well as supplier and community surveys, our ambassadors worked throughout the day to imagine what the world, and Valrhona, could be like in 2025. We then distilled this down further over the summer to produce a “raw” version of our 2025 Vision, before sending out a survey out to staff, clients, suppliers and community members to find out their thoughts. Today, our vision is almost ready. We plan to launch it early this year!

Through our Vision 2025 exercise, we are creating a shared vision for the future of the company with all of our stakeholders. Launched in 2016, Vision 2025 builds on a movement of organizational and managerial change that began several years ago at Valrhona with the creation of our “Ecole de Leadership” management training. Today, we are constructing a vision for 2025 that liberates people’s potential and in so doing, drives the company forward.

150 Vision ambassadors

48 clients involved in listening exercises

Download in progress