Imagine if we could chock our creations full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to transform them into super-pastries… Super foods are an ideal source of inspiration when you want to explore new creative avenues. Our super-pastry chefs have lived up to this challenge by dreaming up super-pastries that balance indulgent treats with health benefits in an explosion of colors and flavors.

The Paris-Brest is inspired by the five elements of Chinese medicine... The snacks come with a different super-fruit every day... The chocolate bars hide unexpected virtues... And the chocolate tart is distinctly lightened by its chia seeds.

Super-charge your range by experimenting with these on-trend ingredients and offer your customers all-new food experiences. 

SUPERGOOD is a fantastic excuse for revisiting the classics, adding an extra-special surprise to your chocolates, and intriguing lovers of luxury foods with a truly unexpected dessert.  Spices, roots, and super-powders all add some special new flavor to your creations. Fruits from all around the world take pride of place next to Single Origin chocolates. And a hint of crunchy seeds will enhance your textures. Your customers will be thrilled you are giving them the chance to try these Alternative Indulgences.

With SUPERGOOD, our pastry chefs are bringing you an intense hit of deliciously peppy ideas! Bold shapes and vibrant colors infuse these creations with big dose of joy.
There’s no better way to boost your sales!


Every day brings a new discovery thanks to our pastry chefs. These little ginger cakes with a dab of organic Waïna 35% Whipped Ganache indulge us with seven different flavors to explore as the week goes on. 

From classic blackcurrants and bilberries to exotic groundcherries and acai berries or unique matcha tea and moringa, the possibilities are endless. Our pastry chefs have experimented with the natural colors these ingredients create. Now it’s your turn to mix and match them whichever way your muse takes you. Don’t forget you can take a look at the Essentials Online and check out our other confit recipes. 

The POWER BOX is a fun, original concept that will enchant children and grown-ups alike. Arrange yours in a jazzy box to create a wheel of colors and flavors. Make sure you detail the ingredients and their health benefits. Feel free to give each mini gateau an original name to match its flavor.


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The "Five Elements" theory is the foundational tenet of Chinese medicine. It describes the movements of energy which surround us and make us “us”, in harmony with the natural rhythms of life. These elements are wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. Five well-balanced elements make for a healthy body and mind.

THE FIVE ELEMENTS’ shape and colors take this Chinese symbolism as their inspiration to uniquely reimagine the Paris-Brest. Here, five choux and five flavors come together in perfect harmony.

Traditionally, every element is associated with a color, and this alone was enough to stimulate our pastry chefs’ imaginations.
Green represents wood, and reveals all the leafy flavors of its antioxidant-rich matcha tea. Red stands for fire, and encapsulates delicious strawberries’ intense flavor. Yellow symbolizes earth, and epitomizes yuzus' energy-giving tang. Black represents water, so our pastry chefs have opted for black sesame with its delicately nutty flavor. Lastly, white symbolizes metal, and its coconut flavor lights up our taste buds. Because the devil is always in the detail, the decoration is a subtle nod to these natural elements.

One after the other, the mini choux pastries that form this major classic each reveal a different but subtly balanced flavor – There is no better way to invest your senses with a certain gentle satisfaction.
THE FIVE ELEMENTS will be sure to pique foodies’ curiosity. Ready to give it a try? Follow the recipe step-by-step and add your own personal touch.


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Our pastry chefs are always on the lookout for something new, so they wanted to create a chocolate bar that would be as delectable as it was profitable. Each one marries a chocolate or Inspiration fruit couverture with a healthy ingredient. From energizing pollen to antioxidant-rich seeds and aphrodisiac maca, there is something for every need and occasion!

The careful combination of ingredients adds a really indulgent touch. Opalys 33% is beautifully paired with spirulina, the acai berries matched with Raspberry Inspiration are simply a revelation, and amaranth adds some delicious crunch to Passion Fruit Inspiration.

It’s a concept simple enough to be varied any which way. You can theme your bars by characteristic or the ingredients they mix together. Your customers are going to love to see you put your imagination, sense of humor, and artistic flair to good use. Experiment with formats – try mini, maxi and individual – as well as colors, stripes and monochrome looks. Change up the textures and styles so every bar is tempting in its own unique way!

SUPER BARS offer you a fantastic opportunity to refresh your chocolate range by taking an essential product and inscribing it within an all-important trend. We would love to hear your ideas!


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Have you heard of chia seeds? Their nutritional benefits are legendary. Did you know that no other plant in the world is richer in Omega 3? Just two teaspoons give you your recommended daily intake! They also help to keep your appetite under control and stabilize your blood sugar levels. This gluten-free source of protein is starting to make waves in the pastry-making world.

Our pastry chefs have been inspired by this tiny Mexican seed’s miraculous qualities to transform their shortcrust pastry. The CARAÏBE SUPER TART surprises from the very first bite, thanks to its chia seeds’ unique texture and the intense flavor of its P125 Cœur de Guanaja chocolate. It would have taken nothing less than a hefty dose of extra crunch, a touch of gossamer lightness and plenty of nutrients to add a twist to the iconic Caraïbe Tart!

Its sophisticated style and decoration are influenced by the mesh, glass, lacey structures and grills of ultra-light contemporary architecture.

If you’ve tried linseed, buckwheat and sunflower seeds, it’s time to experiment with the chia seed trend. There’s no doubt about it – The CARAÏBE SUPER TART is going to shake up every hip chocolatiers’ world!


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