Toasted Nutty

Notes of toasted dried fruit give this praline a low sweetness perception. A smooth, consistent and finely ground praline that gives a warm brownish color for all conventional uses

2 kg tub

Praliné manufacturing process

To offer a wide array of unique flavors, Valrhona uses two manufacturing processes to make its pralinés. The intensely nutty pralinés in the Révélation du Fruit line are made by adding the dried nuts and sugar to the kettle at the beginning of the cooking process so they cook together. This "sanding" process enhances the true taste of the nuts.


"When they cool, nutty pralines resemble the 'chouchous' (candied nuts) that you buy at the beach. That is why we call this cooking method the 'chouchou' method."

Hervé Dumaire Praline manager

Technical information

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