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ColorDark Pure Dominican Republic

Estate grown dark chocolate : A Dominican vintage that beautifully showcases the region's flavor characteristics. Powerful bitterness and fresh tartness create this distinctive profile. Notes of fruit and camphor balanced by intense toasted flavors that slowly reveal themselves.

70 g bar

Domain chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Valrhona spent 10 years researching and building a trusting relationship with the Rizek family before it bought the Loma Sotavento plantation in 2011. This old farm, whose name means ""windswept hill"" in Spanish, sits in the Maria Trinidad Sanchez region at the foot of a lush hill in northeastern Dominican Republic. Valrhona brought the Dominicans' ancient and invaluable cacao growing know-how to this farm as well as its expertise in replanting trees, selecting, fermenting and drying cacao beans. Grown without any fertilizers or pesticides, this natural cacao is permeated by flavors from neighboring fruit orchards and was chosen for its exceptional taste profile. The rarest beans are selected and sent to the chocolate factory where they are transformed into outstanding chocolate. Loma Sotavento domain chocolate is the result of this rewarding endeavor.


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