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ColorDark Pure Madagascar

Fresh and Tangy : Manjari has a top note of the fresh tartness of red fruits and gently finishes with roasted nuts.

70 g bar

Manjari: The first Valrhona pure origin chocolate.

In the northern part of Madagascar, the Sambirano River flows down from the highlands creating a fertile alluvial plain. Trade winds cross over this little slice of heaven bringing the moisture the cacao trees need for optimum growth. Perfectly acclimated to these unique growing conditions, the trees have been farmed here for decades. In the 1980s, Valrhona began exploring the Indian Ocean to develop a new cocoa taste. In 1990, Valrhona created its 1st Grand Cru de Terroir, MANJARI, to elevate the then relatively unfamiliar character of beans grown in Madagascar and it almost immediately became one of its great classics thanks to its tangy and fruity profile that is characteristic of Madagascan beans.


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"Valrhona and the Millot Plantation produce an incredible, magical chocolate and always treat their employees well while showing ever-increasing and intensifying respect for this unique environment."

Véronique Huchede Cocoa purchasing manager

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