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ColorDark Grands Crus blend

Bitterweet and Elegant : Guanaja opens with unexpected bitterness revealing a full flavor range of warm notes.

18 squares box

Guanaja: Valrhona's legendary dark chocolate.

In 1986, Valrhona created GUANAJA in a quest to capture the original taste of cacao beans. The first chocolate in the world to reach 70% cocoa. It was considered so bitter when it came out that it is cut into small squares and packaged in a metal box. It has become a great classic among dark couverture chocolates. GUANAJA kicked off the Valrhona 'Mariages de Grands Crus' collection and over the years has become Valrhona's legendary chocolate and showpiece for its mastery and expertise. As definitive proof of Valrhona's commitment to taste, GUANAJA is a favorite among top chefs and artisans around the world and its unmatched flavor profile has always delighted even the most discerning palates.


I belong to the Guanaja generation. I grew up with this chocolate and it helped make me who I am. It's an inspiration that has followed me through the years, and although I shouldn't say it, I personally prefer it in a mousse!

Christophe Adam L'ECLAIR DE GENIE -PARIS- Master pastry chef

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