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Cocoa Intensity and Milky : Bahibé has a high cacao content that smoothes out the subtle milk flavor with intense chocolaty notes and nuts overtones, then reveals a fruity sourness and slight bitter finish.

70 g bar

Bahibé is the most chocolaty of milk chocolates.

The sunny climate and regular rains of Santo Domingo create fertile soil that have nourished its historic forests and orchards, making it ideal farmland for growing cacao. For a decade now, Valrhona has been curating the perfect growing conditions and building strong relationships with Dominican producers to create a distinctive cacao and expand its palette of outstanding chocolates. Valrhona uses expertise and a hands-on approach with its local partner to select the finest cacao beans on the island. They have joined efforts to perfect exclusive fermentation and drying methods to produce this superior cacao. Valrhona ventured to the heart of this unique part of the world seeking inspiration and ingredients for the new Grand Cru BAHIBE Lactée.


"The combination of Bahibe milk chocolate with P125 Cœur de Guanaja 80% was the inspiration behind my famous salted butter tarte, which has a perfect balance of bitter and sweet."

Dionisis Alertas Criollo Patisserie - Greece

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