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ColorDark Pure Venezuela

Chocolatey and Full-Bodied : From its strikingly bitter essence, Araguani offers a rich and complex aromatic profile featuring warm notes (raisins, chestnuts) and notes of licorice. Pure Venezuela.

70 g bar

Araguani: Where the sea meets the mountains

In Venezuela, the unique flavor of ARAGUANI comes from a prime example of rich land-sea soils found where the plantations in the Andean foothills meet the sea swept coastline of the Caribbean. Starting in the 1990s, Valrhona set out to protect and foster the diversity of Venezuelan cacaos through efforts like acquiring the El Pedregal plantation in 1992 to save an endangered cacao variety called Porcelana. ARAGUANI is the product of Valrhona's efforts to restore and blend ancient bean varieties originating from many different locales in the country's highly acclaimed northwestern growing region.


"In Venezuela, every single valley and village has its own cocoa that serves as its heritage and pride. Araguani pays an homage to all these chocolate lovers who for centuries have selected their cocoa trees in order to achieve 'El mejor cacao del Mundo.'"

Pierre Costet Cocoa and Sensorial Expertise Manager

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