Xocoline 41%


ColorMilk Grands Crus Blend

The pleasure of milk chocolate without added sugar : A couverture that reveals flavors with great finesse, very mild and low sweetness perception with an exquisite bitter top note.

1 kg block x 3

Xocoline : The pleasure of chocolate without added sugar.

XOCOLINE is a Valrhona products created from a blend of fine cacaos carefully selected from different plantations for having perfectly complementary flavor potential. Slightly tart with fruity accents blending into toasted notes that opens up a delicately oaky, gentle bitter finish. This blend always results in a sugarless couverture with consistent unmatched flavor.


"It is not only sugar-free chocolate, but also a couverture with a characteristic profile that is easy to work with."

Jeremy Aspa Master pastry chef trainer at Ecole Valrhona

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