ColorDark Grands Crus Blend

Soft and Balanced : ORIADO 60% is a unique Valrhona Blended Origin Grand Cru chocolate made of cocoa beans from Peru and the Dominican Republic. ORIADO 60% features a balanced profile, which first embodies the fullness and intensity of cacao, then gradually evolves into aromas of ripe and acidic fruit.

3 kg feves bag

In an effort to provide full transparency, this is the first time the origins of a Valrhona “Mariage de Grands Crus” are being revealed. The cacao used to make Oriado comes from two places of origin: • Dominican Republic: The island of Santo Domingo is world-renowned for its long cocoa tradition made possible by its fertile soil, which is nourished by regular rain and frequent sunshine. For a decade, we have been curating growing conditions and building strong relationships with the island’s producers to create outstanding cacao. • Peru: Our sourcing specialists selected this exquisite cacao from the Piura region of northern Peru, and they have since forged a genuine co-development partnership with the growers. This "cacao oasis" is able to develop in the middle of an arid environment because of an unusual system of irrigation channels. It is thanks to this exceptional location that we have been able to develop a cocoa with a unique aromatic profile. Made exclusively from the best organic raw materials derived through fair trade (Fairtrade/ Max Havelaar-certified and from organic farming), Oriado is the visible expression of our commitment to the quality and traceability of our cocoa.


"In my opinion, this chocolate, which was originally developed for coating, is the finest 60% cocoa dark chocolate in our range."

Christophe Devaux Valrhona R&D project manager

Our product ORIADO 60% pairs well with


  • Citrus
  • Red fruits


  • Coffee
  • Salt

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