Kidavoa 50%


ColorMilk Single Origin Madagascar

Banana and Malt. : Kidavoa 50% is a rich, complex milk chocolate with a forceful character featuring hints of dried banana thanks to Valrho na's special Double Fermentation technique. It's milky notes are enhanced by a touch of tartness which slowly reveal fru ity aromas. These are followed by spicier, malty notes, which finally give way to cocoa-rich bitterness.

3 kg feves bag

The revelation of banana.

The infused banana flavors meld perfectly with the cocoa’s aromas. KIDAVOA offers a complex profile that is clearly distinguishable from the existing market offering thanks to its fruity, spicy, malted and cocoa notes. After Valrhona introduced MANANKA 62% in 2015, the first chocolate in the Double Fermentation line, it returned to Millot Plantation in Madagascar and asked its legacy partner to develop KIDAVOA 50%, the first double fermented milk chocolate. Millot Plantation and Valrhona experts engineered it by combining fine Madagascan cocoa with locally grown bananas for an uncommon milk chocolate flavor profile that blends the power of fruit with cocoa flavors.

Our product Kidavoa 50% pairs well with


  • Apricot
  • Passion Fruit


  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger


  • Maple syrup

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