Cuvée Morant Bay 70%


ColorDark Pure Jamaica

Fresh and elegant : Morant Bay is a clean and refined chocolate with dominant camphor notes for a nice refreshing flavor that then turns to gentle tannic bitterness and slight acidity.

1 kg block

Cercle V exclusive

Morant Bay: A token of the rare Jamaican origin.

The plantation lies on the eastern-most tip of Jamaica nestled in the Bath Fountain nature reserve famous for its natural hot springs. This area is no stranger to cyclones and tropical depressions that can be devastating for cacao trees, but the region's rainfall levels are ideal for growing cacao. Prepared with such care, this raw material gives a distinctly different flavor profile with pronounced notes of camphor. Valrhona signed a partnership agreement in 2014 with the grower for exclusive rights to all the cacao that the plantation harvests and processes.


"From one side of the plantation to the other we were surrounded by cacao trees, exotic trees and cacao trees growing in unlikely shapes."

Benjamin Figarede Valrhona Sourcer

Our product Cuvée Morant Bay 70% pairs well with


  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Fig
  • Frutos


  • Licorice

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