Cuvée Limeira 50%


ColorMilk Pure Brazil

Intense notes of cocoa and spice : Limeira is distinguished by its initial strong cocoa taste and subtly sweet milky notes. These aromas give way to a delicate bitterness and spicy flavors of malt and cooked caramel at the end of tasting.

1 kg block

Cercle V exclusive

Limeira: The first vintage of milk chocolate.

The Itália-Limeira Farm stretches across 130 hectares of land in northeastern Brazil's Bahia State. Pioneers flocked here in the early 1900s for the fertile valleys surrounding the Gandu River. This is where they planted the region's first cacao trees. One of these pioneers was 15-year-old Manoel da Silva Filho Libânio, nicknamed Maneca. He later started M. Libânio Agrícola SA, which bought the Itália-Limeira Farm in 1945. In the 1970s, agronomist and Maneca's grandson Manoel Domingos Tosto had more cacao plantations set up. Infrastructures and equipment were modernized, which helped protect the region's ecosystem, as well as produce a cocoa with aromas of red fruits.


"The spirit of M. Libânio is reflected in its plantations: its innovative production techniques, the professional manner with which the plantations are managed, and, most importantly, its respect for mankind."

Cedric Robin Valrhona Sourcer

Our product Cuvée Limeira 50% pairs well with


  • Frutos
  • Orange
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry


  • Ginger

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