Blond® Orelys® 35%



Licorice and cream : A special ingredient, muscovado sugar, gives Orelys 35% its unique natural color with glimmers of golden brown. This gourmet blond chocolate's sweet freshness is clear from the very first bite thanks to its licorice notes. Hints of biscuit complement the freshness as you taste and enjoy the chocolate.

3 kg feves bag

A new dash of decadence for the Blond® range.

Totally natural Blond® color, biscuity notes reminiscent of DULCEY®, a characteristic flavor profile fusing freshness and indulgence with muscovado sugar. After creating the first Blond® chocolate, DULCEY® 32%, once again Valrhona breaks with convention on white chocolate by applying its full mastery of couverture to a new natural ingredient – muscovado sugar – to bring you a brand new flavor and color in the Gourmet Creations Range: ORELYS® 35%. It took four years of research and experimentation to pinpoint the ingredient behind ORELYS® Blond®'s unique flavor: dark muscovado sugar from Mauritius. This natural sugar is made by crushing sugar cane and pressing it to obtain cane juice. The juice is then heated, dried and ground. Muscovado contains natural molasses, so it has a moist texture, brown color, and a faint aroma of licorice. Adding muscovado sugar to the ORELYS® 35% preparation results in its natural color with bronze flecks and characteristic licorice notes.


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"An explosion of flavors! A very fresh and light chocolate "

Sébastien Bouillet Chocolaterie Bouillet LYON-TOKYO

Our product Blond® Orelys® 35% pairs well with


  • Banana
  • Lemon zest
  • Pear


  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla


  • Biscuit

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