Ashanti 67%


ColorDark Grands Crus blend

Chocolatey and Spicy : Ashanti is a captivating chocolate with full-bodied intensely chocolaty flavors accented by gentle notes of hazelnuts, l icorice, cinnamon and Tonka beans.

3 kg feves bag

Ashanti: Enchanted by spices.

This 'Mariage de Grands Crus' is a delicate blend of Forastero beans from a variety of origins. Much like hot regions, Ashanti is captivating with sensual, full-bodied and intensely chocolaty flavors accented by gentle hazelnut notes and enhanced by intermingling scents of licorice, cinnamon and Tonka beans.

Our product Ashanti 67% pairs well with


  • Lemon
  • Pear
  • Raspberry
  • Tree nuts


  • Cardamom
  • Coffee
  • Safronette


  • Salted butter caramel
  • Tea

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