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Intense Milky notes and Chocolatey : Andoa Lactée is an extremely smooth chocolate that will enchant you with its milky intensity and its strong chocolate flavor.

3 kg feves bag

Andoa Milk is where the sweetness of milk meets the intensity of Peruvian beans

Valrhona released both a dark and a milk Andoa couverture to enhance the Grands Crus de Terroir flavor profile and offer an original journey for the senses. Andoa Milk rounds out the milk range with its pronounced flavor profile that is uncommon and distinct. Andoa is an emblem of Valrhona's commitment to sustainable development. It is a Grand Cru de Terroir exclusively made from the finest organic raw materials from fair trade sources (Max Havelaar and NOP* certified). Andoa Lactée is an ultra-creamy chocolate with an irresistibly prominent authentic milk flavor and powerful chocolaty taste.


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"The intense raw milk note makes Andoa milk chocolate truly unique. It changes in intensity depending on the season when the organic milk is collected."

Christophe Devaux Valrhona R&D project manager

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