Fresh almond : A natural ʺbiscuit/latteʺ color combined with the chocolate's unique texture that brings out the fresh raw almond taste.

3 kg feves bag

Our expert chocolate making skills allow us to transform cocoa into chocolate, but now we have found another use for them too: making almonds into the all-new Almond Inspiration. It enhances the ways we can use nuts in chocolate, pastries and ice cream and is aimed at professionals looking for the extra special "je ne sais quoi" that will make them stand out. Almond Inspiration gives them the pure, natural flavor of almonds combined with the unique texture of chocolate.


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Our R&D engineers have identified an ideal blend of the four ingredients which make up Almond Inspiration, combining top quality flavor with ease of use.

Mathias Menegoz R&D Project Manager

Our product ALMOND INSPIRATION pairs well with


  • Currant berry
  • Kumquat


  • Pepper
  • Sea salt


  • Coffee
  • Puffed rice

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