Recipe steps

Whipped Praliné

  1. Melt the chocolate at 115°F (45°C), then mix into the praliné. Temper at 75°F (24°C). Leave to set on a tray. Use a stand mixer with a flat beater to whip up the mixture, but make sure its temperature does not rise above 75-80°F (25-26°C).

Spray Mix

  1. Melt the ingredients together. Strain before use. To pre-set your mixture, heat to 115°F (45°C), then cool down to 85°F (29°C).

Assembly and finishing

Make the Whipped Praliné and leave to set at 60°F (17°C).
Temper the Spray Mix, then spray a little onto a silicone mat. Store at room temperature.
Use a piping bag with an 8mm diameter nozzle to pipe approx. 6g droplets of Praliné onto the Spray-covered silicone mat.
Place a few roasted chopped almonds around the droplets and lightly press down with a sheet of confectionery dipping paper. Remove any excess almonds.
Leave to set for 24 hours at 60°F (17°C) and a 60% relative humidity level.

Use an air blower to coat with milk couverture.

If necessary, apply another coat of chocolate using a spray gun, to solidify your assemblies.

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