Recipe steps

Panna Cotta Base

  1. Heat the milk, cream and sugar to 120°F (50°C).
  2. Soak then wring out the gelatin and add to the mixture.
  3. Emulsify it with the melted P125 Coeur de GUANAJA chocolate.
  4. Finish off by gently mixing the emulsion in an electric mixer until it is completely smooth – Make sure there are no air bubbles.
  5. Pour the emulsion out at a temperature of 85°F (30°C), then put it in the refrigerator with a sheet of plastic wrap on top to protect the surface.

Almond & Cocoa Streusel

  • 50gP125 Coeur de Guanaja
  • 75gDry butter 84%
  • 65gBrown sugar
  • 90gToasted powdered hazelnuts
  • 90gStrong white bread flour
  • 0.5gSalt
  1. Melt the P125 Coeur de GUANAJA chocolate at 105-115°F (40-45°C) and pour it over the tempered butter.
  2. Mix until the butter is creamed – Make sure it does not melt.
  3. Add the brown sugar, powdered hazelnuts, flour and salt all in one go.
  4. Use the flat beater in an electric mixer to mix the ingredients until small balls form.
  5. Evenly spread out the streusel mix on a silicone mat and bake it at 300-320°F (150-160°C).


  1. Bring the milk to the boil with the glucose.
  2. Pour a small quantity of hot milk over the melted chocolate and start making an emulsion.
  3. Your mixture should eventually have an elastic texture and a shiny look.
  4. Finish by adding the rest of the liquid while it’s hot, and mix in an electric mixer until you have a perfect emulsion.
  5. Leave to harden in the refrigerator or serve hot at 150°F (65°C).

Assembly and finishing

Tips for the panna cotta:

“So that your panna cotta crystallizes really well, leave it to set for at least 4 to 6 hours and eat it within 24 hours.”
“Thanks to P125 Coeur de GUANAJA and its low cocoa butter content, we’ve managed to obtain a texture very like a traditional panna cotta.”

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