Recipe steps

Framed Praliné

  1. Melt the chocolate and COCOA BUTTER at 115-120°F (45-50°C) and mix them with the praliné. Heat to 115°F (45°C). Leave the chocolate to set at 75-80°F (25-26°C) before framing. Leave to set for 24 to 36 hours before coating and cutting out. Note: Framed pralinés are stabilized with an average pure cocoa butter content of 180 to 200g per kg. This makes them easier to cut with a slicing machine and helps to preserve them

Cereal Base

  • 65gDry butter
  • 45gHoney
  • 20gBrown sugar
  • 100gMultigrain cereals
  • 15g Sesame seeds
  • 15gChia seeds
  • 35gChopped blanched almonds
  1. Bring the butter, honey and brown sugar to the boil. Combine the hot mixture with the cereals, seeds and nuts, and mix using a spatula. Pour the mixture out into a tray covered with a silicone mat. Spread it out quite thinly to about 4mm, so that it bakes evenly. Cook at 320°F (160°C) for 10 minutes.

Assembly and finishing


Make and cook the cereal base, leave to cool, and break into small pieces by hand.
Place some 34 x 34cm frames over a sheet of confectionery dipping paper coated with JIVARA chocolate. Make the framed praliné and pour 500g into each frame.
Immediately sprinkle 100g of cereal base and 100g of RASPBERRY INSPIRATION CRUNCHY PEARLS into each frame. Press down lightly so that the bar’s texture is not too rough. Leave to set.
Immediately cut the framed praliné into 5.5 x 13.5cm rectangles.
Use some pre-set JIVARA to make a “frame” of chocolate around the edges of the Customized Waves Bar Mold.
Then put the praliné insert in place, pressing down lightly, and fill up any gaps in the bar mold using the pre-set JIVARA chocolate. Leave to set.

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