Assembly / Moulding


Steps: 2

An original recipe from L’École Valrhona.
Makes 10 cocoa pods.

Recipe steps


  1. Pour the pre-set fruit couverture into a 4mm ganache frame. When the couverture starts to set, cut out 30 x 30mm squares and/or 10 x 60mm rectangles. Store at 17°C (60°F). Use a cutting string from a pastry cutter to trace, then cut out, the squares of fruit couverture. Place the various ingredients on each square. Dab some pre-set Inspiration couverture at the center to stick the different parts together. Store at 17°C (60°F).

guanaja spray gun mixture

  1. Melt the ingredients together. Reduce the temperature of the mixture to 30-32°C (85-90°F). Use a chinois to strain before using the mixture.

Assembly and finishing

Molding: Use the pre-set Guanaja spray mix to spray the inside of the cocoa pod molds (product ref. 10841), then leave them to harden.
Use the pods to mold the pre-set Guanaja couverture.
Turn out and leave the couverture to spread for a few moments, then smooth away any excess.
Drain the molds by holding them suspended over two rulers.
Before hardening is complete, trim away any excess, then mold again. Tap the mold to get the thickness you require.
Leave to harden, trim again, then refrigerate for a few minutes then leave at a temperature of 65°F (17°C) until the chocolate is ready to slip out of its mold.
Assembly: Turn out the half-pods and fill them with 12-15 mendiants. Slightly soften the half-pods, then assemble them together.

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